Well I have a page that will direct you to my new official author website. It will have all the information you can find about me, my WIP and hopefully published novels as well as whatever else I may have up on the website. I have finally got my website up and I'm enjoying adding new things to make my website more interactive for my visitors and hopefully future readers when I have finally been published.

I have added a wonderful guestbook that I thought was pretty cool when I found it while doing a Google search for free guestbooks. I have also added a chatroom just in case I want to have an interactive chat with my future readers or even with my fellow romance authors or reader friends. So to make things more interesting by having a contest for my visitors and it is pretty simple. All you have to do is sign up to my newsletter which will only go out once a month unless I have important news to share with everyone who signs up. To find out the prize for entering my contest just go to the contest page to find out.

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