So I will be going on my family vacation on Thursday, August 6th and won't be back until Thursday August 13th. I'm so very much excited that I will going with my family to this wondeful resort and spa in the Dominican Republic, which is where my mom and her family is from. So I'm going to be without my laptop and internet connection for 6 complete days which is going to be torcher for me but at least I will have about 10 print books and 100 e-books on my Sony eReader to keep me entertain when we aren't out and about in D.R. I'm bringing a couple of new books that I recently bought from romance authors Brenda Joyce, Christy Reece, Dorothy Garlock and some young adult books from Rachel Caine and Melissa de la Cruz.
We are going to be going to my aunt's house in Long Island since she has a big car that will be taking us to the JFK airport before dawn on Thursday. Our flight is at 5:45AM EST and we have to be there at least 2 hours and 30 minutes before so we can get through airport security and so on before our flight to Miami leaves. We are then going to have to wait about 3 hours before we can take the connecting flight that will take us to the Puerto Plata airport in D.R. I'm so excited! I can't believe I'm finally going to be taking my first trip out of the United States. Well bye-bye for now.

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