Well I have finally decided to join Blog Talk Radio and host my own live podcast show since I got my iPod Touch and learned all about the world of podcast shows done free by various people about various subjects including books. I've named my show Talk About My Favorite Authors in honor of my review blog which started out my networking into the publishing world both electronic and print. Now I have to come up with ideas on what I want to do with my show and decided that I will have an introductory episode to give this all a try. I'm asking my online friends both romance readers and authors on what they think about me hosting my own live show. So far I haven't gotten any responses except those for good luck on my show debut and a couple of authors who would love to be a guest on any of my upcoming shows.

I'm going to be writing down all of my ideas and going over them with some close friends and seeing what I end up with for my first show. I'm really nervous about it and don't know if I will get any listeners at all. Ever since I got my iPod Touch and listened to many of the free podcasts that are on iTunes and I've wanted to host one of my own so that people who love romance novels would listen to my opinions on the subject. Some of those podcasts that I've listen to are members of BTR as well and have given me some of the ideas that I hope to make my show as great as theirs. Well I think I've gone on enough and will try to blog about the upcoming episodes again soon as I can. You can find out more about my show by going to my profile on Blog Talk Radio.

7/11/2009 15:43:50

Hosting and maintaining a podcast is quite an undertaking, but after browsing your various sites and following your interviews and reviews, (as well as being on the receiving end of both these things)I believe you'll do well. Every endeavor has its pitfalls, but you'll never know what you're capable of until you try. I'm certain you'll work out the bugs in no time, and your show will be a success.


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