Well I have finally updated the Author Interviews 2009 page with all the current author interviews that I have already posted on my review blog Talk About My Favorite Authors. So you can visit it and read sneak peeks into all of the author interviews for 2009 so far posted. I have on the main Author Interviews page the current author who was interviewed and the upcoming author who will be interviewed. I will be updating that page with the appropriate information every week so keep a lookout because it will change. Each author interviews page has a table of content with links to all the interviews on that page with links to the previous interview and also a link to get you to the table of contents so you can pick another author interview.


Well I have been working very hard origanized and up-to-date with all the appropriate information for each page. I have been working on the Author Interviews pages first and have finally finished completely Author Interviews for 2008. So why don't you got my the authors interviews page and click on the author interviews 2008 so you can get a sneak peek at all the interviews I have posted on my reviews blog Talk About My Favorite Authors and then be lead to the original post to read the rest of the interview.