RSVP FOR: 9/28 Release Party, Chat and Contest with author Ilona Andrews. Event starts at 10:30 am Central on 9/28. Contest runs until 11:59 pm PDT on 10/4.

Description: Join us with author Ilona Andrews for an release party, chat and contest at Bitten by Books. She will also be celebrating her upcoming release On the Edge!!

She is also giving away an amazing Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition—PRS600BC (valued at $300.00) to ONE lucky reader! Contest is open to readers in the US/Canada.

You can find out more about how you can enter by going to Bitten by Books.

RSVP For: 9/28 Release Party, Chat and SONY eReader Contest with Author Ilona Andrews
Well I have been entering daily the Harlequin TEEN Sweepstakes with no luck at winning any prize but I'm sitll hopeful since I have until November to win. Why don't you all grab the widget below and post it on your website or blog to be entered into the sweepstakes.

So I will be going on my family vacation on Thursday, August 6th and won't be back until Thursday August 13th. I'm so very much excited that I will going with my family to this wondeful resort and spa in the Dominican Republic, which is where my mom and her family is from. So I'm going to be without my laptop and internet connection for 6 complete days which is going to be torcher for me but at least I will have about 10 print books and 100 e-books on my Sony eReader to keep me entertain when we aren't out and about in D.R. I'm bringing a couple of new books that I recently bought from romance authors Brenda Joyce, Christy Reece, Dorothy Garlock and some young adult books from Rachel Caine and Melissa de la Cruz.


Well I have finally decided to join Blog Talk Radio and host my own live podcast show since I got my iPod Touch and learned all about the world of podcast shows done free by various people about various subjects including books. I've named my show Talk About My Favorite Authors in honor of my review blog which started out my networking into the publishing world both electronic and print. Now I have to come up with ideas on what I want to do with my show and decided that I will have an introductory episode to give this all a try. I'm asking my online friends both romance readers and authors on what they think about me hosting my own live show. So far I haven't gotten any responses except those for good luck on my show debut and a couple of authors who would love to be a guest on any of my upcoming shows.


Well I'm working on the Book Reviews for 2008 but it's still a work in progress right now since there are about 21 reviews for that year. Right now there are about 4 reviews up but I'm working on getting at least 10 reviews out of the 21 reviews that I mentioned. I also have my book ratings and what they mean up on my book reviews main page for you to look at as you read my book reviews. It's getting really filled up now with so much info and other stuff because I get new ideas almost every day. I also like to spice things up with new things and if anyone of you visitors want to suggest anything you think might benefit my reviews website then just contact me and I'll take it under consideration.


Well I have finally updated the Author Interviews 2009 page with all the current author interviews that I have already posted on my review blog Talk About My Favorite Authors. So you can visit it and read sneak peeks into all of the author interviews for 2009 so far posted. I have on the main Author Interviews page the current author who was interviewed and the upcoming author who will be interviewed. I will be updating that page with the appropriate information every week so keep a lookout because it will change. Each author interviews page has a table of content with links to all the interviews on that page with links to the previous interview and also a link to get you to the table of contents so you can pick another author interview.


Well I have been working very hard origanized and up-to-date with all the appropriate information for each page. I have been working on the Author Interviews pages first and have finally finished completely Author Interviews for 2008. So why don't you got my the authors interviews page and click on the author interviews 2008 so you can get a sneak peek at all the interviews I have posted on my reviews blog Talk About My Favorite Authors and then be lead to the original post to read the rest of the interview.


Well I have a page that will direct you to my new official author website. It will have all the information you can find about me, my WIP and hopefully published novels as well as whatever else I may have up on the website. I have finally got my website up and I'm enjoying adding new things to make my website more interactive for my visitors and hopefully future readers when I have finally been published.


I have been setting up a new reviews website since my previous reviews website wasn't working for me and I wanted a fresh start. I'll be using this blog to keep you all up-to-date on every news update going on with me, my author interviews, my book reviews and of course my official reviews website.