Well I have been working very hard origanized and up-to-date with all the appropriate information for each page. I have been working on the Author Interviews pages first and have finally finished completely Author Interviews for 2008. So why don't you got my the authors interviews page and click on the author interviews 2008 so you can get a sneak peek at all the interviews I have posted on my reviews blog Talk About My Favorite Authors and then be lead to the original post to read the rest of the interview.

Right now I'm working on updating Author Interviews for 2009 since that is an on going page since we are still in the year 2009 and there may or may not be more author interviews going on later on this year. I will post here when I have that page as up-to-date as I can have it until the year is over. When I have that done I'll start working on my book reviews pages.

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