Goodies, Links and More


This page is under construction and will be added to daily so keep coming back to find out more about the goodies, links and more I have for you all.

Free Goodies


From time to time, I will receive promotional items from Authors and Publishers. These could range from bookmarks to Autographed copies of books. If you would like to receive any of these items, be sure to contact me for additional information and to see what is currently available. You will need to submit a SASE to receive the items.

Goodies currently available:

  • Bookmarks of Charline Ratcliff (50 available)
  • Bookmarks of the Curse of Nefertiti by Charline Ratcliff (50 available)
Make sure to check back!!! More goodies to come.
Send Goodies


Want to promote your book(s) free of charge? Here's how you can do it!

You can send me Book Flats, Bookmarks, Autographed Copies, pens, etc. It needs to be something that would fit into an envelope so no larger than a paperback please. These items will be available to anyone who sends me a SASE. If you have something you would like to submit for the Goodie section, please contact me with a list of what you would like to send and I will provide an address to you.


Phoebe Jordan Online

You can find me in various social media websites such as the ones below:

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Phoebe Jordan on Facebook


Author Websites

Here is the list of author websites for all of the authors I've come to read or hope to read soon. These are their official websites where you can find out about the authors, their current and upcoming novels, their links and more.

Alice Sharpe
Alison Kent
Ally Carter
Alyson Noël
Amanda Ashby
Amanda Matetsky
Angela Cameron
Angela Knight
April Bostic
Ashleigh Raine
Bethany Griffin
Brenda Joyce
Cara Summers
Cait Braxton
Caridad Piñeiro
Carla Cassidy
Carly Phillips
Carrie Jones
Cassandra Clare
Catherine Anderson
Catherine Coulter
Cathy Maxwell
Cathy McDavid
Cathy Yardley
Celia May Hart
Charlaine Harris
Charline Ratcliff
Charlotte Hughes
Christy Reece
Clare Austin
Claudia Dain
Crystal Green
Crystal Jordan
Cynthia Eden
Cynthia Leitich Smith
Dana Fredsti
Dawn Thompson
Debbie Macomber
Dee Tenorio
Deirdre Martin
Delores Fossen
Diana Holquist
Donna Kauffman
Dorothy Garlock
Elizabeth Thornton
Elle James
Elle Kennedy
Emily Bryan
Emily Giffin
Erin Grady
Erin McCarthy
Erin Quinn
Evangeline Collins
Gabriella Hewitt
Gena Showalter
Genella deGrey
Gerry Bartlett
Hailey North
Heather Beck
Hope Tarr
Isabel Sharpe
J.D. Robb
J.K. Coi
J.K. Rowling
J.R. Ward
Jaci Burton
Jackie Kessler
Jacqueline Diamond
Jacquie D'Alessandro
Jami Alden
Janet Chapman
Jasmine Aherne
Jenna Petersen
Jennifer Crusie
Jennifer LaBrecque
Jessica Andersen
Jessica Barksdale Inclán
Jessica Brody
Jessica Coulter Smith
Jill Monroe
Jill Shalvis
Jo Leigh
Joan Johnston
Joanne Rendell
Joanne Rock
Jodi Lynn Copeland
Jordan Summers
Judy Christenberry
Judy Duarte
Julia London
Julia Quinn
Julie Garwood
Julie James
Julie Miller
K. Celeste Bryan
Kara Lennox
Karen Anders
Karen Erickson
Karen Hawkins
Karen Marie Moning
Karen Rose
Karen Rose Smith
Karen Sandler
Karen Templeton
Karen Whiddon
Karin Tabke
Kasey Michaels
Kate Hoffmann
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Kathleen O'Reilly
Kathryn Caskie
Kathye Quick
Katie Alender
Katie MacAlister
Kelley Armstrong
Kelley Heckart
Kelley Nyrae
Kelley St. John
Kerrelyn Sparks
Keta Diablo
Kiki Howell
Kimberly Raye
Kissa Starling
Kresley Cole
Lara Adrian
Laura Marie Altom
Laurell K. Hamilton
Lauren Dane
Laurie Stolarz
Leslie Kelly
Lex Valentine
Lilian Darcy
Linda Gerber
Linda Lael Miller
Linda O. Johnston
Linda Palmer
Linda Warren
Linore Rose Burkard
Lisa Childs
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Lane
Lisa M. Campbell
Lisa Marie Wilkinson
Lisa McMann
Lisa Renee Jones
Lora Leigh
Lorhainne Eckhart
Lori Borrill
Lori Devoti
Lori Foster / L.L. Foster
Lori Handeland
Lori Wilde
Lucienne Diver
Lucy Monroe
Lynda Sandoval
Lynsay Sands
M. Jean Pike
Mandy Hubbard
Margay Leah Justice
Marie Donovan
Marie Ferrarella
Marisa Chenery
Marta Acosta
Mary J. Forbes
MaryJanice Davidson
MaryLu Tyndall
Melissa de la Cruz
Melissa Marr
Michele Bardsley
Michele Dunaway
Michelle Gagnon
Michelle Lauren
Minnette Meador
Misa Ramirez
Moira Keith
Nancy Bush
Nancy Warren
Nicole Jordan
Nicole Morgan
Nora Roberts
P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
Paige Tyler
Paige Warren
Patti Berg
Penny McCall
Phoebe Jordan
Rachel Caine
Rachel Gibson
Rachel Vincent
Rae Lori
RaeAnne Thayne
Rebecca J. Vickery
Reese Johnson
Rhonda Nelson
Richelle Mead
Rie McGaha
Rie McGaha (Official)
Rita Gerlach
Robin Shope
Roxanne St. Claire
Sabrina Jeffries
Samantha Hunter
Sandra Hill
Sandy Blair
Sarah Mayberry
Sarah Strohmeyer
Sasha White
Shayla Black
Sheila Roberts
Shelley Munro
Shiloh Walker
Stacey Kayne
Stephanie Tyler
Stephenie Meyer
Susan Andersen
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Susan Johnson
Susan Mallery
Suzanne Enoch
Sydney Croft
Tamela Quijas
Tami Hoag
Tanya Michaels
Tara S. Nichols
Tawny Weber
Teresa Bodwell
Teresa Medeiros
Teri Brown
Terisa Wilcox
Theresa Scott
Tierney O’Malley
Tina Leonard
Tori Carrington
Veronica Wolff
Victoria Laurie
Vivi Anna
Wendy Ely

Forum Websites

Here is the list of my favorite forums where I love to hang out with other members. Some forums are for author fans who love to discuss the authors books and more. Some forums are just fun communities for romance readers and writers to get together and chat about all the things we all have in common...Romance Novels.


Romance Publishers

This is a list of some romance publishers both for print and electronic publishing. Some are big publishers that you may know already or small start up publishers that are on the rise for both print and electronic publishing. I have collected this list of publishers in both print and electronic hopes that when I have finally finished my first novel that I might have one of these romance publishers accept my novel and have it published.


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